Søren Schmidt


Søren is Project Researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies inCopenhagen . His publications include “The Developmental Role of the State: Lessons from Syria” In: Hinnebusch, Raymond and Søren Schmidt: The State and the Political Economy of Reform in Syria . St. Andrews Papers on Contemporary Syria/Lynne Rienner Publishers. December 2008; “State and Market in Syria : The Politics of Economic Liberalization.” In: Dietrich Jung (ed.): Democratization and Development – New Political Strategies for the Middle East. Palgrave, 2006; ” The Missed Opportunity of Economic Reform in Syria .” In: Mediterranean Politics, Routledge Publishers,Volume 11, number 1, March 2006; ” The Role of Religion in Politics: The Case of Shia-Islamism in Iraq” In: Nordic Journal of Religion and Society (forthcoming);Afghanistan: Organizing Danish Civil-Military Relation. Danish Institute for International Studies. April 2009. Dr. Schmidt worked for the European Commission inDamascus and Jerusalem during 1995-2000.

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