Spring 2015

Description: Centre for Syrian Studies written in Arabic 



CSS Roundtable Venue: Varies 


Wed, March 11 12:30-2:00. Room 204 

Ferdinand Arslanian, CSS 

Contextualization of Economic Sanctions 

Wed, April, 1, 12:30-2:00 

Sibylle Schliepers, School of IR, Room 204 

Cooperating with military auxiliaries in the Middle East: 

Historical Templates and Strategic Implications’. 

Tues 7 April, Lower College Hall 

Exhibit of Syrian art and photography 

Wed, April 8, 12:30-2:00, room 204 

Talip Al-Khayer, CSS 

Authoritarian Leadership 

Friday 10 April, 4:00 School 3 and Saturday 11 April, School III, 3:30 

Syria Film Festival 

Wed, April 22, 1-2:20 Seminar 2 

Daria Vorobyeva, CSS 

Syrian Armenians 

Tues, May 19, 11-1:30 

Maria Kastrinou, Brunel University 

Syria’s Druze Community

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