Syria Studies

   Syria Studies 


Announcing the launch of, a peer reviewed open access journal devoted to the study of contemporary Syria published by the St Andrews University Centre for Syrian Studies.

The journal supersedes the St Andrews Papers on Contemporary Syria. While moving toward a journal format, Syria Studies will however, continue the Paper’s provision of a venue for work of a word length that falls between the traditional length of journal articles and of monographs.

The journal is peer reviewed, with the assistance of an international editorial board of widely respected scholars of Syria.

While cross-disciplinary, the focus of Syria Studies is on the modern history, political economy and international relations of Syria. Works in other disciplines that focus on contemporary issues are also welcome. The journal particularly welcomes works that combine a theoretical approach with the findings of new research, whether from archives, fieldwork or other cutting edge methods of research.  Works with a focus on the current uprising or its roots and context are particularly welcome, especially when these are framed by theoretical approaches. The journal is scholarly and politically non-partisan and values contributions that do not, at least explicitly, take sides in the current conflict.  Please see the website for details on paper submissions.

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