Tamara Al-Om


Tamara is currently undertaking her doctoral research on the Intelligentsia in Syria at the Centre for Syrian Studies within the School of International Relations at the University of St Andrews. She received an MA in Religion, Politics and International Relations from the University of Wales, Lampeter with a dissertation entitled Constructing Reality: The Palestinian Israeli Conflict, A Comparison of Al Jazeera, BBC and CNN. Tamara’s undergraduate degree was a BSc (hons) in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Plymouth.


  • Thesis Title: The Metamorphosis of Syria’s Intelligentsia
  • Supervisor: Professor Raymond Hinnebusch
  • Research Interests: The Arab World, Syria, Civil Society, Power Relations and History as a means of Understanding
  • Publications & Conferences:
    • Syria’s Women and the Fight to Live in Truth, Upcoming – 2014 Chapter in Routledge Handbook of the Arab Spring: Rethinking Democratization
    • Resistance and Art, University of Edinburgh, 2013 – Paper: The Arts, Rebellion and the Struggle for Freedom in Syrian History
    • The Syrian Uprising: Drivers and Dynamics, University of St Andrews, 2013 Commentator on ‘Context and Constituencies’ Panel
    • BRISMES Annual Conference 2012, LSE Paper: Research in a Time of Unbounded Flux, BRISMES Annual Conference 2011, University of Exeter
    • Paper: Empowering Syrian Civil Society – Empowering Syrian Civil Society



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