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April 2021

Ten years on the Syrian Uprising: Road Map to Peace? Challenges and Opportunities

Friday 2 April 2021 –  3:00 to 5:00 pm (GMT)

Via MS Teams

Full Programme

Introduction 3:00-3:05pm

Prof. Raymond Hinnebusch

Session One: 3:05 – 3:35pm

Chair: Dr. Francesco Belcastro

Dr. Haid Haid – Reintegrating non-state armed groups in Syria: Mechanisms, Actors, and Shortfalls.

Ibrahim Hamidi – The regional challenges towards uniting Syrian opposition.

Dr. Jasmine Gani –US and EU positions on the future of Syria.


Break 3:35 to 3:40 pm


Session Two: 3:40 – 4:20 pm

Chair: Dr. Jinan Al-Habbal

Prof. Simon Mabon – The process of de-sectarianization in Syria

Rashad Kattan –Identifying challenges facing the reconstruction of the economy.

Rana Khalaf –The potential role of civil society in state-building.

Ola Rifai -The question of national identity in post-conflict Syria and the quest to reproduce an inclusive national identity


Q and A session: 4:20 – 4:50 pm

Closing Remarks from Prof Raymond Hinnebusch

The 4th CSS International Conference on Syria: “The Syrian War: Later Evolution, Future Prospects”

1-3 August 2018 in St Andrews, Scotland

The main theme of the conference was the late Uprising period since roughly 2015, with  focus on issues such as the sectarianization of the conflict; the evolution of the balance of power among groups in the conflict; governance and civil society amidst civil war in both regime and opposition areas; diplomacy and external intervention in the conflict; the Syrian diaspora; and issues of “reconciliation” and “reconstruction.”

The programme of proceedings can be found here

Link to Chrome Radio – The Syrian War; Later Evolution, Future Prospects

Syria: Moving Beyond the Stalemate

July 2015 – St Andrews


Keynote Address

Keynote Address – Professor William Zartman of Johns Hopkins University

Summary of Research

Summary of Research Presented

Responses of Participants

Responses by conference participants to the summary of findings

Recordings of Proceedings

Watch footage of the conference here

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خمسة سيناريوات في سورية بينها «مناطق نفوذ» و«تقشف» النظام لحماية الساحل

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