Scholarly Research presented at Syira: Moving Beyond the Stalemate

Friday 19 February 2016

Scholarly Research presented at Syira: Moving Beyond the Stalemate

July 2015

Ibrahim Al-Marashi – 

Has the Syrian Civil War Reached a ‘Mutually Hurting Stalemate?

Maria Aurora Sottimano – 

The Syria Interim Government: a dual legitimacy deficit?

Matthieu Rey – 

Class and client revisited: internal dynamics of the Syrian regime and the outcome of the crisis

Nikolay Kozhanov – 

Russian Tensions with the West over the Ukraine: Implications for Moscow Foreign Policy on Syria

Masaki Mizobuchi –

Mission Impossible? US Air war against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq

Angela Joya – 

Islamic Politics in an Age of Globalization: The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood’s quest for power in Syria

Thomas Vladimir Brond – 

Moving beyond marginalization? Networks of new political subjectivities in Syria and its borderlands

Moutaz Al-Khedar – 

A Thematic Analysis of motivational hymns (Nasheeds) by Jihadist Groups in the Syrian Conflict

Hanlie Booysen – 

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood (SMB): Moderation in Islamic Governance

John McHugo – 

Shaikh Muhammad al-Yacoubi’s fatwa ‘inqadh al-ummah calling on Muslims to fight Da’ish

Ferdinand Arslanian – 

The Uprising-Skeptic Oppositionists

Talip Alkhayer – 

Alawite opposition in Syria and the rise of ISIS 

Yutaka Takaoka –

Regime survival and People’s Assembly

Daria Vorobyeva –

Syrian Uprising and Identity change: case study of Syrian Christians in Lebanon

Edith Szanto –

Depictions of Gender in the Syrian conflict

Feliz Katman –

Kurds of Syria: a Sudden Discovery

Dawn Chatty –

The Syrian humanitarian disaster: Understanding refugee rights and aspirations in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey

Samer Abboud –

Sanctions and Elite Factionalization in Syria

Ching-An Chang –

The Division of the Syrian Businessmen in Turkey: an investigation of the political & economic behaviours of the Syrian business migrants

Rana Khalaf –

Governance without government in Syria: civil society and state-building

Fouad Gehad Marei – 

Multiple Justices and Contending Legitimacies: Rebel Justice and the Syrian Insurgency

Alexa Firat –

Projecting Citizenship: How a literary journal wants to shape a post-Asad Syria

Joshka Wessels –

Voices and Visions of Syrian video activists in Aleppo and Raqqa

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